Klucy Magic Muesli

When you taste it,
you will feel it!

Superfood power at its best.

Our Delicious Klucy Story

Klucy™ is a real power food with probiotic yoghurt, cereals, fruits and dry fruits with only natural sweeteners. The best for your health.
High energy, rich in protein, vitamins, healthy fats, minerals, phytochemicals and mass of fiber. 200g of Klucy basic contains 28,8g fiber. That is an incredible 96% of the daily WHO recommendation for fiber.
Klucy is produced fresh by hand daily in our kitchen. Without artificial ingredients, without flavour enhancers, without added sugar and without colorants. Our product is eco-friendly and local. We try to take cypriot products according to availability. Perfectly tuned by chefs, star cooks and experts in nutrition.

Developed to the peak of taste by chefs for food lovers.

For some it is a breakfast, for others a snack in between or as a nutritious meal. Very good choice!

Klucy daily cup

200g full of powerfood
uses seasonal fresh fruits as topping.

Klucy family bowl

700g or 1000g full of powerfood
comes without topping. Simply add your favourite fruit, such as bananas, berries or grapes, and your wholesome, individual superfood is topped again.

They all love Klucy

"Can't stop eating"
- Angela
"Most amazing I ever had!!"
"I was surprised, how delicious healthy can taste"
"After sport the perfect food"
"Amazing taste, and so refreshing!! Best ever!!"
- Marianna